Friday, April 6, 2012

Adipa – beautiful and easy

Design 1
Now since I have shared out the news – I have bought a house, let’s talk about decorating and furnishingJ. The best and the fun part (ignoring the expense part for now!). I have colleague at work who also recently bought a house too and did furnishing and stuff. So we generally discuss ideas and things that we want to do…places to buy from, brands, models, stores etc.
She shared her Facebook pictures to show me her new house with the final look. I noticed the nameplate she had on her door and I enquired about it. It was a custom made nameplate and she directed me to Landmark store in Forum mall, Bangalore.
I went there today to finish the nameplate task. So the company that makes these is “Adipa”. They have handmade tiles and wooden frames to make any kind of combination you’d like. It’s like a jig-saw puzzle.
I really loved their stuff. We made random 4-5 combinations, but finally didn’t give the order as they didn’t have the frame size we wanted and some of the tiles we wanted ere over. It’s going to take them a month to get the new stockL.

Design 2
So I noted their website Though some of the tiles I saw in the store are not displayed on the website, it’s still good to design the nameplate online. So since the last hour I have been trying couple of designs and I have come up with 2. It’s as easy as dragging the tiles you want, select and delete the ones you don’t want. I totally loved this concept and had to share it with all.
Now once I show it to my husband in the morning and he agrees, I think I can make an online order to make sure it comes in time for the house warming ceremony!
Do share your comments and let me know which one looks betterJ. Try them and have fun making cool nameplates!


  1. It looks very hip Shilpa :)
    You guys do not put last names on the plates?

  2. We do put last names..but now I and my husband have different ones, as in I haven't changed mine after marriage...and putting both our full names would not look that hip ;)