Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Still here....

It's been a while since I have posted on my blog. Frankly, work has been keeping very very busy. I have always wanted to be loaded with work so I am actually liking it. But it almost feels like I have forgotten to blog. Since most of day I spend at work, I meet or see very few interesting people.

I thought about writing my experience of working in one of the largest company in India, but then got bored of the thought! Yeah, its a huge company and I was never a fan of it. Not even today, when I work for it. But at this stage of life, there are very different priorities, work is still important but other personal matter are taking precedence too.

Working in a big company, where you lose your identity - I have never liked to work like this. The crowd I see everyday is like a herd...herd of sheep and cattle that follow blindly; most of the talks I hear around in the cafeteria sound so stupid that I am glad I dont have a gossip group. Actually, my husband also works in the same company so we have lunch togther :) Which still I am glad about; I dont have to make friends who gossip and chitchat on meaningless things.

The dressing sense is still a shock to date; sick of seeing girls wearing weird clothes that don't suit them, women who blindly follow latest fashion regardless of how they look like, can they even carry it off? Girls wear western attire but not with the elegance that the western girls wear! Pretty much a chaos in the fashion area.

Amongst all this chaos, we have been hunting for a house which is finally coming to an end. We have chose an apartment close to our workplace that takes care of the endless commute time of Bangalore.

All those paintings I did since couple of months were for my future house, I still have to get them framed. It's all happening at its pace. But soon I will have my OWN house. The first one. It's still out of my understanding how people make multiple properties but for now I will own one property.

And yes, it makes my parents very proud. Most of the relatives are in awe. Well, in their times they took a lifetime to own a house. These days we are reaching that milestone a bit early..may be a lot early. But looking at the property rates in India you always feel, Man! I wish I had bought a property 5 years ago...you could have been in college then! Still that thought does cross your mind.

I feel a good sense of achievement. It's not out of the world I know. But it's good to know we are on a good track.

The house hunt part of my past months....will be another article probably..Just wanted to share something for now.

Belated Ugadi/ Gudi Padwa to all ...hope everyone had happy long weekend....And advanced wishes for the next one - Happy Good Friday friends :)

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  1. Congrats Shilpa and family on your new house! In regards to work try to look at only the nice things around you, and if you can't find them, you should always look in front of you at the nicest thing that gives you a solid shoulder to rest on -your husband :)