Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Twirl away….

Channapatna is a small town in Karnataka, which is famous for wooden toys and artifacts. They have some of the finest, oldest and simplest designs; be it toys or kitchenware, show pieces. It’s a world of wood. I mean they could probably build a small world out of wooden things.

I have this desire from a long time to buy different kinds of artifacts from there, just for a collection! Over the weekend we went out for a drive..not to Channapatna though, but came across a small store of the wooden items. Actually, you find such stores all over the state. But for the first time I have actually bought a top…not the regular design. It’s a much smarter and easier version of the top.

And the design actually looks like a girl twirling away with joy…yeah! I am not a kid anymore..but it really makes me smile every time I see it rotate.

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