Monday, June 27, 2011


Mini coffee :)
Last weekend we went on a road trip with our aunt’s family. We had a Sunday and 10 people (6 youngsters). Quick discussion resulted in visiting Muthathi, a tourist spot that has River Cauvery banks; about 100kms south of Bangalore. We booked a Qualis for 10 + 1 driver. I was very skeptical about the whole idea of travelling all jam-packed. Returning from US, Indian driving styles are pretty scary & surprising! Suddenly it feels like “How can we drive like this? No safety!!!” Well, I can say nothing went wrong at all and it’s kinda the Indian way of having fun! Jam-packed cars, loads of food, crappy music which no one is listening to, fights to grab the coolest spot in the jam-packed car!
Good Roads
The roads are really good all the way; ample greenery; typical huge rocky mountains of Karnataka, the village side is just beautiful in India & living in busy cities like Bangalore, these drives are very refreshing.  30 mins on the road and everyone was hungry! Out came the chapatis and yummy chutneys, puliyogre rice, jack fruit!!! After a while we stopped at some town for some coffee. The coffee cup I got was super small like may be 2 big sips for 3/-; can’t complain! After a 2.5 hours long ride we finally reached Muthathi. Quite a crowded place with mostly village/small town people; It was a camping place with cooking everywhere, no tents as such! But cooking, yes! In the old style of bricks & wooden sticks as fuel, huge utensils to make rice & curry! Frankly, the place wasn’t very appealing to me! There was too much of littering and most of all that turns me off, the people cooking meat right then & there bringing in live chickens! I literally was walking like those horses with blinders, trying not to see anything gory.
Beautiful landscape
The view of the place is really very beautiful with the smooth round rocky banks, constant river current. The river banks were crowded with the men & boys from the villages; frankly I am not very crazy about jumping into water with such a crowdJ! My husband and I decided instead to go a bit away where it was less crowded and cleaner. A 5-10 min walk; walking up and down over the rocky banks was fun. The rocks are so smooth and round in shape, I wasn’t very confident of walking with my shoes on so I went bare foot! We found a good spot to sit and see little fishes in the water. It was a typical village side view, with people bathing, swimming, washing autos, jeeps, cows everywhere!

Sedementary rocks...I believe!

The scenery is gorgeous with clear waters flowing & tall thick green mountains in the background. We had time so we decided to driver further to Talkad – an ancient town which has an amazing legendary story in the next post.

Natural pot holes

Serene village side

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