Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nature Show

My Saturday evening was national-geography – Animal Planety! I took my mom to visit to my new house in Electronic city, Bangalore. The area is quite under development and it’s more like farm lands that are being used to expand residential space. Lot of construction sites are under development. We were standing in our gallery on the third floor, looking through the new apartment constructions discussing rising real estate business in Bangalore, the high cost of land and apartments etc.
Suddenly out of the wild plants came out a swirling serpentine snake, swooshing so swift! It was chasing a garden lizard like a chameleon. It was one of those fast car chase scenes in the Hollywood movies! The lizard was super fast to out run the snake and it reached from the field to the road, when the snake stopped and stood in the air like a cobra. Was a beautiful wild scene! It stood in the air for like 3-4 seconds, after which it slid into the bushes! The whole event lasted for about 6 seconds!
I was thinking what each of the wild animals might have felt like. The snake was so close to getting food, all the speed didn’t help it though! And the act of it to stand up in air to look for the lizard was really awesome! Very Animal-Planety! The lizard of course must have had his lucky day! Must have been breathless after that amazing escape! J

It was all so quick, I wished I had a camera to record that event or at least grab some cool pictures of the desperate snake! May be in the future there could be some kind of technology we see in sci-fi movies like Minority Report etc, where you can record things you see by your eyes and then download that information! That would be so cool!

The other incident was that of the phenomenon of TWO RAINBOWS! It is quite a frequent one these days, but I got to see it too! After a quick shower of rains, there was the first rainbow in formation, as it got bolder with the VIBGYOR colors more easily recognizable, we noticed a second one in the background that was being formed. It never got as bold as the first one, but it was pretty cool. There are so many tall buildings in the area, that a far away building almost was “rainbow-ed” in my view! J
Two Rainbows
We discussed what would be the scientific reason of two rainbows phenomenon. We came up with conclusions that the sun rays were refracted due to the small clouds in between which caused the two rainbow effect. Well, apparently it is because of double reflection of sun rays inside the raindrops.
The RAINBOW-ED apartments :P


  1. cool shots of the rainbow... I wish though you could have captured the snake :-)