Friday, July 1, 2011


This weekend I am visiting my in-laws in Baroda, as my father in-law is retiring after 34 years of service J. What an achievement! One company, One job for last 34 years. We couldn’t imagine that yeah? We switch IT companies every 3-5 years looking for better opportunities with respect to projects and pay checks!
When we landed in Baroda, stepping outside the plane – a HOT weather air blow hit us. Inside the plane was so cool, in fact cold too that I thought I should have got my jacket. Even after walking for 5-10 mins the hot weather just stays and I realized my skin is burning from the heat. It wasn’t sunny yet, but the air itself is HOT. It literally feels like we are walking through a hot oven air filled room! Clearly the Bangalore heat & Baroda heat are extremely different! The skin is always wet from perspiration! The tap waters are hot by default. So even the cool water bath is a HOT water bath. A bath doesn’t refresh you here! Your skin is still wet even after a bath! How did I forget it was super hot here? Duh!
We had a great time surprising my father in-law on his last day at work. An emotional moment when he suddenly saw his two sons behind him; it was a woooohoooo moment! Lots of pictures and sweets and best wishes!
Now plans to see places around Baroda over the weekend. Let it rain Oh God! Please bring down the temperatures here!
By the way, Baroda is also called Vadodara. But I got to know only yesterday that the name comes from the ample Banayan trees in the city. Banyan tree is called Vad tree..hence Vadodara.

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  1. With his two sons besides him, he must be so happy having retired finally