Friday, July 1, 2011

Rrrrr RITZZZZ!!!

Last night was a special eveningJ. We bought our first new car – Maruti Ritz Zxi!!!! J After a lot of research on our needs we landed with this model. Its small and compact, fits exactly 4 adults! Perfect for the super-crowded Bangalore streets.

Our new car - Maruti Ritz Zxi

My husband and I are fond of travelling, seeing new places. And there are tons of places in India to see, even for Indians. It’s a vassssst country with infinite surprises and magnificent beauty of people, culture, food, history! Roaming on bike is fun only for short distances, plus it’s not comfortable for both the rider & the pillion rider. Around Bangalore there are tons of places to drive down and explore, in a span of 3-5 hours!
This little car will take us around everywhere for short or long distance trips, there will be music, comfort, speed and sleep for me J. I remember in the US, I would guide my husband using the GPS. Of course we don’t need that in India.
At the temple
We collected our car from the dealer and went straight to the Ganesha temple nearby.  Remember? Always start any task by praying to Lord Ganesha first! J We had the priest perform prayers for our new car. He drew the holy signs of Shree, OM, Swastika on the windowshield. Showered flowers & rotated the incent sticks around the hood of the car. He kept mumbling some holy mantras all the time. Then came the coconut and we cracked it. Coconut and Bananas as offerings!  We went into the temple and the priest said some mantras in our names and the keys were given back to us.
So eager for more trips and more pictures and hence more blogs!!!!


  1. Congratulations Shilpa!

  2. Congrats Ships! Happy Driving!!