Thursday, June 2, 2011


Sometimes, simple things bring so much joy. Communication! We all are so very busy with our lives! We all have our responsibilities with respect to work, marriage, children etc. And we are being sincere attending our needs! We don’t even realize when we lost touch with old friends, real best buddies who know every little thing about us; those friends we were used to so much, we’d talk and meet and laugh and cry together.
I did a very simple thing; sent personal hello emails to couple of my old college friends. We all are still friends, only caught up in the game called LIFE! The replies was immediate; they were glad to get an “actual” email than forwards or Facebook comments or Orkut scraps! We all want to share and love and wanted to be loved. A simple mail brought me close instantly to my friends, got to know updates...good or bad, but I am a small part of their life again! And to know that I am a friend they still look forward to meet is a great feeling. Little acts bring so much happiness; I feel so close to them, though physically they are far away. We all are married but sometimes old friends are what we need to speak out our hearts.
Like my friend replied with the dialogue from the movie Rang De Basanti, “Gate ke is taraf hum zindagi ko nachate hain aur us taraf zindagi hume.. Tim lak lak de tim lak lak” (On this side of the gate we dictate life/destiny and on the other side life/destiny dictates us), we never know what will happen. But it is nice to share that we careJ; that we remember them!
Take some time and believe me, it’s totally worth dropping an email to some of your old friends. You never know who needs you or how you can make someone’s day! Take a chance!
Sharing this beautiful soft song from Nouvelle Vague. One of my favorite bands!

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  1. I sometimes do that mail dropping... a real personal mail and not just comments on FB or orkut :-)

    lovely kinda feeling :-)