Friday, January 28, 2011


Yaay! I adopted my first 5 plants from a nursery last week. Its such a plesant feeling to take care of these plants. I bought 3 flower plants and 2 decorative plants. I intended to buy the traditional earthen pots but when I found out the prices against the new plastics ones Rs300 : Rs90 respectively, I am sorry to say I went ahead and bought the plastics ones. Weird enough, my grandfather said the earthen pots cost only 30-40Rs. Now I need find where I can find those :P We really had a noble thought of helping the traditional eathern pot makers..but the difference was too much :(

We bought a sack of soil mixed with manure for Rs50 at the nursery and prepared the pots after dinner. Now its my daily duty to water them & care for them. Its an excitement to see them grow new leaves each day! Next, I want to buy an aquarium :)

Preparing the pots-

All set in the morning-

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  1. I love the plants, they bring happpines and good energy in ones house....good thinking and take good care of them