Friday, January 7, 2011

Movie on Nithyananda Scandal - Do we really need it?

When I lived in Bellevue-WA, we visited the local Indian Vedic Temple. When we entered, I was awed by the beautiful statues of Indian gods. Pretty huge statues and amazing glittery jewelry on those statues. To my surprise the walls had frames of Nithyananda meditating at different ages, more astonishing were the prayer songs going in the background were praising Nithyananda, Om swami nithyananda la la la....In my head, I was confused why are they singing prayer songs for a regular human and who is alive. I just found it bizarre.
The Indian priest there told us stories of Nithyananda how he spent his life until 17 yrs meditating and then had enlightenment. He also mentioned that Nithyananda has attained the state of "thoughtlessness", that normal people like us can't do. We just nodded and sat down by the wall thinking of what we heard. My husband then said how is it possible to have thoughtlessness? Unless, if he in fact meditated all his life, then he has not studied, has no job, is unmarried, thus has no worries, that may support his thoughtlessness!!! Either ways, it’s no achievement.
When I came back to India, I read his actual biography that he holds a diploma in Mechanical Engineering. So eventually the priest in Bellevue was lying to me & everyone.
It’s not the first time to have scandals with these fake swamis. We have had so many fake gurus in the past who were caught for scandals and fraud. What I don’t understand is why people still believe these crooks and seek help from them. If they were so intelligent, they would have been in a much better place than giving meaningless advices on how to lead our life. It is the people's mistake to fall for these crooks. At least now, we should learn a lesson!!
And do we really need a movie on this, when all the news channels have shown us enough!


  1. Hope Nithyananda doesn't watch the movie if it were to be made..

  2. For what person he is, I pray he doesn't offer to act. I know, it's easy to do your own biography!!!