Friday, January 28, 2011

Back to my blog

Hello everyone again. I have been away for a while from my blog; reason being I moved to a new place. Moving and re-arranging your house can be fun at start, but physically painful later. In the US, I remember you always move into a cleaned house, so all you have to do is arrange your things. But its exactly opposite here in India. I have moved twice into new houses here and always its YOUR responsibility to clean the house that was left behind my the previous tenants. Its a back-breaker!!!

To add to this, I had no phone & internet connection. I personally feel the BSNL workers are very lazy. It really doesn't bother them about their business. The number of excuses I got from them to get my previous phone connection transferred, unbelieveable! It took time just to convince them that they have connections in this new locality, moreover they made excuses each day to come by & do my phone connection. Is it typical in India that every X person directs you to another Y person to talk to? Nobody wants to take responsibility of their work. Eventually, after making infinite reminder calls each day, I got my phone working, without the internet and I was like WHAT??? Are you kidding me!!! In the US, the comcast people would give me an appointment date & time and believe me there is no way they will disappoint you! So easy! I have literally begged the BSNL workers to get my phone & internet finally after 15 days I am back on the web. And now some more stories from the past 15 days :) Oh btw, Happy Republic day! I am going to remember this one, because I had a bad accident. Now its recover time from the endless pain my body is giving me! That may be in another blog ;)

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  1. I hope you are all ok from your accident, and I am really happy you get to write on your blog again :)