Sunday, January 9, 2011

No one killed Jessica - Movie

Today I watched “No one killed Jessica”, based on the true story of Jessica Lal murder case, which rocked the country for a total of 11 years. The movie is an enactment of the actual happenings of this case. The movie started off very well with describing the typical Delhi life, where everything and everybody is unpredictable. As the movie follows its course, there are a few mood spoilers like the actors, inefficient dialogues at the right time. The actors playing the role of Jessica’s parents don’t seem to enact the pain and sorrow effectively. The comic scenes are really not required to pull down the intensity of the original topic. The only powerful dialogue I remember from the movie was “Sab hi khate hai, Lekin kis kaam ke liye khate hai, yeh pharak hota hai” (Everybody takes bribes, it only matter what TASK you take bribe for). It is the only best dialogue that touches the topic of corruption in major fields like Law and Order in India. 11 years is too long for an obvious case of Jessica Lal, but I am glad that the case got solved with full justice to Jessica and her family. It was an unfortunate incident for Jessica and she really did not deserve to be killed, for what the actual story is.. RIP Jessica!
My rating: 3/5

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