Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy 2011!!!!

I started my new year with visiting India's largest Shiva Statue in Murudeshwar. This small town is situated along the beautfiul coast of Arabian Sea in Karnataka state. The look of the place is so majestic, starting with world's tallest, 20-floor Gopuram i.e. the entrance, later small temples of different Gods and the Shiva statue which is situated on an elevated gound. The gopuram has an elevator located inside, that allows visitors to take a ride on the 18th floor and take the breathtaking view of the statue, the coast, the greenery of cononut trees and the entire temple complex. Though the entire complex is constrcuted recenly, the look of it is still ancient with respect to scultptures on the temples. That is very impressive. This is surely one of my favorite temples in India now. Enjoy the pictures :) And wish you all a very happy new year!!!

 The Gopuram:

The Shiva statue:
The entire complex as seen from the beach:

The gorgeous Arabian sea coast:

For those interested in the mythological story of this place:

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