Sunday, April 3, 2011

2011 Cricket Worldcup winners?? Oh INDIA it is!

What a day, what a match, what a show! WHAT A TEAM! My day started with stepping out to finish some chores and every 15-20 minutes we saw groups of cricket fans on the streets on their bikes with the Indian flag and chants of “We want worldcup!!! We want worldcup!!!” Every time I missed taking a picture of them. We made it home an hour before the match. Prepared lunch. The game was interesting starting from the toss itself, with Dhoni asking Sangakara what he’d called for. Worldcup Final match and the referee did not hear the call?? Come on! As we started with bowling, the Indian team showed high class of fielding! Yuvi especially with his fielding is an inspiration to everyone in the team. Finally, the men in blue have learnt to dive and fall and slide on the ground to stop the ball!
We played very well until the last powerplay where Sri Lanka took good chance to make a big score of 275 which rather should have been about 230. When the Indian rock stars Sehwag and Tendulkar came on the ground, we’d hoped for endless big shots of 4’s and 6’s. But the wicket of Sehwag in the very second ball shook us! And the soon failing Tendulkar was like the land slipping off under our feet. Something in my mind kept saying we will still make it; Like from the movie Om Shanti Om, "Picture abhi baki hai" (The movie is not over yet!). In the past three matches the whole team has contributed in spite of Sachin failing soon. Gambir was the best player with his cool head and smart game play! Virat Kohli played a great game too. Dhoni for the first time in the whole series played the game he used to play in his new days in the Indian team, so aggressive! Yuvi as usual was a bit hasty yet Dhoni like an elder brother was controlling his mood and his strikes. The winning 6 was the only thing I was waiting for. The team earned yesterday’s win and the cup. We screamed and yelled & clapped endlessly!
Sangakkara’s post match interview is one of the finest ones I have heard. In comparison to the Pakistani captain, Sangakkara showed his sportsmanship by declaring that the Indian team played very well. In his words “The way the Indian team played today, they deserve the cup. When you have such an awesome batting line-up, even 300 is not enough. (Their) batting is unbelievable, best in ODI cricket, they have a good captain. MS is very intelligent, very smart. He is the epitome of captain cool”.  
The celebrations were just perfect bringing tears of joy, when the whole team lifted up the Cricket GOD SACHIN! Yuvi’s special person as he mentioned earlier was Sachin and he was playing for himJ. Virat Kohli’s words “Tendulkar has carried the burden of nation for 21 years; It was time we carried him”, were very heart warming. Finally the master blaster has the worldcup feather in his hat, very well earned! 
And what a support from everyone in the country and around the world! Australia’s ex-wicket keeper, Adam Gilchrist in the audience was a pleasant surprise element. Indeed, India was the favorite worldcup winner choice J.
The whole series ended just like our bollywood movies where all is well in the end and everyone lives happily ever after! The hero never dies whatsoever and eventually triumphs against the bad. Sri Lanka was a very good competitive team and the players showed very good sportsmanship. It was a fair clean game with great suspense & thrill. Congrats Team India…You make the whole nation very proud! Jai Ho!

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