Friday, April 15, 2011

IT sector employments

Since I started work, I have noticed that the IT boom in India had really introduced so many employment opportunities for different classes of the society.
1)      Cab drivers
2)      Men and women for cleaning purposes
3)      Help men for small things like brining in your printouts, fixing the printer
4)      A IT helpdesk where engineers fix different things starting from setting up your laptop, making all installations, setting up your inbox etc.
5)      Food catering and may more that I wouldn't know of.
Much of the help provided is really not required, but it does provide employment for the needy which is good in a way. Today when the printer was out of paper, I had to call a helpdesk, raise a request so a boy comes with paper & fixes it. It is his job! At Microsoft, we’d do it ourselves unless the printer would be screwed up and you would have to raise a request to fix it. Even with the machines, at Microsoft you have to install OS and everything, yourself from scratch; there is no department of engineers that will do it for you. It is good for the knowledge purpose, I prefer it this way! But it’s a different story in IndiaJ. The cleaning ladies are given jobs to clean everything around the premises, including furniture, window panes, cubicles everything! The floor is constantly wiped by a person, so much that I would think twice before stepping a foot!
There is fleet of cabs which run between the company and the pickup points of employees. Though it’s not a great pleasant job driving in Bangalore traffic, they do it willingly for the money.
But all these are good opportunities for people who haven’t been able to educate themselves for their reasons and yet they can now make a better living than if there were no such opportunities. And I am just talking about one company; imagine the endless list of IT companies in Bangalore itself. No wonder the IT boom has brought in benefits for the whole society. It has increased the standard of living of everyone in the city! J

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