Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Shakti Campaign

Watch Video first!
I already saw a commercial about this campaign before. This video is very interesting with regards to record numbers, experiences, views and opinions. Frankly, I have the same views like all the women in the video. Women and men have lived together in a society forever. Then what is it that men find so intriguing about every woman to the extent of making heinous crime? Every man has a woman in his life in the form of a mother, sister, wife or a friend. Do they never consider that about every other woman on the street? Why don’t men feel threatened like women, where do they get the nerve to openly tease or touch women? It is the violation of basic human right. No human is allowed to touch you without your consent!
Even today when I step out there are several men who turn back & see or keep staring. Either it’s me or some other woman on the street, but the story never stops. Every time I see a man staring at a woman, it totally fires me up. There is no attire you can wear and make sure you won’t be looked back at. Since childhood I had been visiting Bangalore. Around in 8th grade I wore a pair of regular jeans and I was embarrassed by everyone on the street staring at me. Since then I never carried jeans to my Bangalore trips. Now of course the times have changed. But the ogling has not. Today morning I saw a pair of men looking & turning back at an Asian looking woman wearing a regular pair of capris. Harmless, and yet they looked. Have men ever thought how it feels to be starred at, ogled at! Would they like their moms and sisters and wife to be ogled at?
I have really never understood what kind of psychology the rapists have! It is hard for me to even force anybody to go for a cup of coffee..and there are men who force themselves completely..against the consent of the woman! Such criminals should be punished with the highest degree and these decisions should be made in quick time. The problem is with the fundamentals of our society; we have always had a male-dominated society; separate conservative rules are made for women while men have NO rules. Also women are raised with the fear of being delicate & easy victims; we are always told to be careful & watchful. Instead why are men not taught to respect women and treat them with dignity? An ideal society would be one that is not divided into men and women with different rules. We are all equal, no woman should need extra care and security and no man should have extra rights than women! Every woman should step out fearlessly like men do.


  1. Obviously you never traveled to Europe LOL :D

  2. You mean its not safe for women in Europe too right? Which still doesn't mean its fine if its the same situation in Europe. Regardless of how it is outside India, I think my women should feel safe and free. Nothing wrong with that!

  3. Is safe, and looking up and down to a beautiful woman is considered a compliment for the woman. :)

  4. Not in India dear reader. May be in Europe, but in India that is pure trouble! I prefer not getting such compliments!

  5. I know an admiring 'wow' look from a lusty one. The one we get on the streets is usually the latter.