Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hindi Dialogues

My grandfather is a big, big, BIG movie buff. In his younger days he was friends with the famous superstar, GOD! Kannada Actor Rajkumar. He shows me his black and white pictures with him, some famous Kannada actresses..not very interesting to me. Earlier he would watch EVERY movie running in the theaters. I remember one of my first movies I watched with him was TEZAAB! Now-a-days he’s too old to go to the theaters; moreover his hearing is not that good and of course he can’t relate easily to the latest movies & the topics. When I tell him about animation & computer graphics, he is too surprised & fails to imagine how it can be done on a computer! Couple of years ago, he was visiting me in Pune & he saw me working on my PC and said, ‘You have to be really very intelligent to work on computers. Regular people like me can’t do this!’ I couldn’t take so much appreciation, so I stopped him & made him sit with me to see how things work on a computer. I tried my level best to explain him an application like notepad equivalent to a manual diary. I explained him it’s no rocket science to work on a computer; anybody could learn & do it. At the end of notepad session, he still stuck to his opinion that we are more gifted & knowledgeable to work on a computer. DUH!!!
Anyways, recently my mother showed him a channel ZEE CLASSIC which shows ONLY old old hindi movies. Like really old that I can’t believe cinema shooting was so lame. Of course it has evolved, by lame I just try to explain how old the movies are, that play on that channel. My grandpa LOVES the channel! Anytime you come home, that is the ONLY channel on TV. We all are sick of it! Today morning he was watching “Sachaa jhutha” starring Rajesh Khanna, Vinod Khanna, etc…There was a scene of flooding in a village and a woman trying to collect her important belongings before everything is washed off.
The woman says “Jaroor kisi ne iss gaon me koi paap kiya hoga, jo itni badi baad aagayi” (For sure, someone in this village committed a huge sin to cause such a devastating flood). It may not sound funny now, but I laughed soooo hard at this one, in the moment. The dialogue just cracked me up….I kept laughing for a while. Remember those rainy day jokes? When certain parts of the city got heavy showers, we’d make fun that people in that part had sinned too much! Ha ha

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