Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The 'tube and bulb' effect

My grandpa has recently got a denture made for himself, for his upper jaw. When I first saw him, I had a head-shaking effect! Either the dentist has not done a good job or he’s not great with colors or they really don’t care about dentures for old people. What I am aiming at is that, when I first saw him smile, I saw a huge difference in the colors of the original teeth and the new ones. To break it down to simple words, the new denture is pearl white in color and of course the old original teeth in his mouth are not so pear-white! J
I instantly laughed at him saying, “Grandpa what is this? You have a tube-light and a bulb effect in your smile!” Ha ha…We laughed so hard. The upper jaw is of pearl white teeth and lower jaw is kinda off-white, let’s say it’s got a golden touch! Ha Ha…Aah the old age! I think he doesn’t bother about it as long as he gets to eats everything he craves for! At this age he still wants to eat all the crispy cranky junk food and I wonder what he would do without his pearl-white dentures!
After the humor we got from his colorful teeth, now the joke is on us; to see those dentures parked in a see-through box, when he’s not using them. There is something very sick about seeing dentures, I don’t know how but it totally turns you off! Bleecch!

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  1. I had fun with my uncle's dentures too, back when I was little. I used to play it with my dolls and pretend it was the doll's tiara. Hahahaha! Don't you think it's hilarious?