Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Continued…from Breaking news article

As I had mentioned earlier, that I fired my super-smart maid, here is how the story goes! Before I fired her a week ago, I had my mother in-law and another guest visiting us, all family. As per my deal with the maid, I was supposed to give her clothes to wash only on alternate days. One of such days, I gave her to wash my mother in-laws clothes, which pretty much covered the space on the wire to hang them to dry. She did not let go the opportunity to say that “You should soak less clothes. Now see there isn’t enough space to hang them to dry!” I didn’t want her to win her way like always. So I replied back instantly, that it was just one such day she had to wash more clothes what is the big deal? She immediately retracted from her previous statement saying she didn’t mean to say the load was much! Like I can’t read between the lines!
Another day passed and I used to fill up the whole sink with utensils to wash; the sink size is quite small. While washing the utensils, she turned to me and said “You should give me 600/- from next month. I agreed for 500 but see how much work I do”. Let me break down her work first-
1)      Utensils every day
2)      Sweep every day, wipe alternately (Sweeping is really not sweeping, because she barely touched the broom to the floor!)
3)      Clothes wash on alternate days
4)      I am out of town almost every week for 2-3 days for interviews, and she doesn’t work those days
5)      Sudden holidays for her random festivals of gods I have never heard of, I would say my bad!
So in a month she had worked hardly 15 days! With this break up in my mind and the fact that I had landed two jobs in Bangalore, I giggled….no wait, I LAUGHED wickedly in my head and said, “600 right? From next month? DONE! For this month 500 as per agreement. Next month 600! For sure.” I couldn’t wait for the day when I would tell her that she was fired and that I don’t need her less-than worth services!
I could sound so wicked in my mind, but in reality I can’t put it out; as already seen in my maid articles she ruled me! So when the time arrived, I just told her that I was going to stay with my mother for a few days and hence I don’t need her to come anymore. And paid her the 500/-
Goodbye Radha!

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