Saturday, April 30, 2011

Stealing = Replacing?

Today when I saw my husband wearing a different helmet, I was all prepared to ask him where did he lose the original newly bought helmet, thinking how irresponsible! I instantly asked him “Whose helmet is this?” He replied, “Last week when I left my bike in the Mysore bus stand parking, I had left my helmet on the handle; when I came back, it was replaced by this helmet”. I was like “Wh..wha..what? whaaaaat? Why Really HOW!!!”. I was too mentally exhausted to even get angry at this situation. Apparently the person took our bigger & new helmet and replaced it with his own. But my husband seemed cool as a drink! So I asked him, do you like this helmet? He answered happily, that the helmet is perfect; the previous one was big and bulky. This one fits him correctly, it’s smaller in size and it has a cool tinted glass visor which is good for the sun J The previous one was really too bulky, he looked like with an alien head or like one of those virus fighting officers in the those apocalyptic movies.
So I don’t know what to say to our stealing replacer or replacing stealer! May be “Thank you”? J


  1. Or as the wise people say... the universe works in mysterious ways :-)

  2. LOL!!! virus fighting officers in d apocalyptic movies :)
    the other day , when we discussed how to spell apocalyptic i wondered
    where u r goin to use that word !! well !! thanks to the helmet thief. i m loving
    my new model :)