Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cricket now and then...

Yesterday, on the occasion of Ugadi / Gudi Padwa /Hindu New year festival I went to visit my grandpa. A retired military cook and a very passionate cricket lover. So much that he watches every cricket match, any team, any series. Including the Indian premier league (IPL) matches which are ‘like play until you die’ kind of matches; they just don’t get over! I don't understand! Players play match after match; I really wonder when do they live with their families! And how many matches and results and records can we keep track of really? My grandpa does. He’s retired and I think IPL is the best thing for him to kill time at home, when he’s not on the road visiting places – his favorite pastime.
I hadn’t met him since the world cup match win; so when we met him yesterday and asked him, “Tata, how was the final match?” His toothless grin was so adorable. Instant glowing cheerful face with praises of the Indian team, he had a comment of every aspect of the match, bowling, fielding, batting, both teams etc. As we talked we realized he was there at the first world cup win in 1983 too. So we asked him how was that match and how were those times.
He remembers where he was on the day of finals in 1983 with West Indies. TV sets were not common then. Radio was the only medium to listen to cricket matches. They would sit in groups with paper and pen noting down the records of the match. Keeping track of the runs, wickets, overs on paper! Can’t imagine eh! Today, we have to see a replay and a slow motion, just the description of the wickets to us is not fun!
Cricket has evolved so much since 1983. And how lucky for my grandfather to WATCH another world cup win. And now he’s waiting to watch the IPL starting this week! Crazy cricket-loving Indians! J

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