Friday, April 1, 2011

Now I can BOX!

Today I learnt to make a box. My husband’s cousin sister is visiting us and she learnt some cool origami stuff. The box looked very artistic with combination of contrasting colored paper, tempting enough to learn it right away. I had spent some time making origami stuff when I was in Spokane. We made some animals and tons of different airplanes! That’s what happens when you have a husband who is into aero design business! Or it would be the case for any BOY!!! And he would try to fly each of the planes and study their aero-dynamics and try to explain me the faults or pro of the design (*&^%$@#)! Of course I don’t remember any of designs now. Origami should be regular activity, rather DAILY to remember the folds and the SEQUENCE of the folds. The only origami I know for sure is a BOAT! J Everyone does!
For now, I successfully made a box J. They can make very cool gift items.

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