Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Long long lonnnng names

Today when I got to fill up a template HR document, the format already had someone else’s name and I had to replace it with my details. The existing name in the name field had “Vignesh Kumar Naidu Babu Pappala” (name changed but the size retained). I know we have those long name jokes, but to see one myself was really hilarious.
I pinged my husband to share my humor, he replied back saying “Oh please! My friend’s name is Venkatesha Kumara Ashoka Raghu Rama Chandra Palladi” (name changed but size retained).
What are the parents thinking keeping such long names for their kids? I sympathize with the name bearers and the officials who have to deal with such long names. How do they come up with such long names really? May be every elder person in the family must be wanting his name to be a part. So the typical nomenclature that we have of [Name - Father’s Name - Last name] is probably replaced with Name, father’s name, grandfather’s name, great grandfather & uncle names blah blah blah Last name! How would the person remember his own name?
Good God! And I thought my name was long, Shilpa Suryavanshi.

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