Thursday, April 7, 2011

End Corruption - Support Anna Hazare

Recently, I had shared my anger and disgust about the endless corruption cases in India. And I used to discuss with my husband as why don’t people do anything about this! One or two scams are typical but each day a million dollar scam comes to light. Each and every politician is so deeply involved in fraud that they don’t even think once before saying they are innocent!
FINALLY, the famous social activist Anna Hazare has stood up against corruption and thousands of Indians are supporting him. Activists fasting for various reasons are very common in India. But this is truly for a great cause. I cannot praise him enough for starting a movement that will hopefully get the corrupt politicians behind the jail bars! I know it’s a long fight, but at least there is start now.
Here is a website you can join to support Anna Hazare.
More on politicians, recently after India won the world cup, every state government is giving away prizes to players participating from their states in the form of cash prize, land etc. The Karnataka chief minister didn’t stay behind; he declared lands for EACH player in the team. I stopped to think, who is going to pay for these lands? Is the minister paying these prizes from him pocket? Its either WE - the tax payers will pay for it or even worse, the poor farmers will lose their lands to some world cup they wouldn’t even know of! On what basis does the govt. decide to give away these prizes? Wait! Unless they are false commitments like one made to the differently-abled athlete Ramesh Tukaram, who was promised a land when he won the Arjuna Award from President APJ Kalam in 2002 and has not received it yet! (Not sure if I should laugh in disgust!)
This shows how “king-like” life, the politicians live who openly declare prizes at the cost of the tax payers, which is by the way ILLEGAL! Go Anna Hazare! Please help this country from this disease of corruption!

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