Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Lady and Gentlemen

I was reading an article in the paper the other day that discussed about girl-child killing. And that in the coming decade, India will exceed China in the same! China has its policy of one child to control the population. In India, though we don’t have such a hard and fast rule to control the population, there are so many hopeless traditional beliefs of having a son than a daughter! I did not know that the amount of girl killing was still so high in India in these modern days.
But these days everywhere I go I really do see very less women. Starting with my joining to the new company, I was one girl among 12 men on the joining day. It was so weird that at one point a late coming new joinee came straight to me thinking I was the HR and he started talking to me about his joining. I kept waiting for a long time, but in vain; no other lady joined the company on the same day as me.
Now that I am taking the cab service to work each day, again I am the only girl in the cab. Today, I had to come in a 6-seater car like Qualis. I was the only girl amongst the driver and 4 other men passengers. As awkward as it was, the cab service guys made sure that I sat right in the front, next to the driver. The person who was already seated was moved to go back in the cab and the driver was notified to drop me first. I appreciate the care and first service they give to women, because the work hours are late …8pm. Generally, I would not like to be treated separately because I am lady, but based on all the scary incidents that have happened in the past with cab drivers and women commuters, I really appreciate the service and the fellow men that care to provide better experience. J
What are all the men going to do if there aren’t equal number of women in the future? They would not be left with a choice but sing “Lady Gaga’s song – I was born this way”! ;)

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