Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Software Testing - Great career!

After my bachelor’s degree in computers, I started my career as a Software Tester. Back then, my father who has electronics degree used to keep on touching the issue of me, working as a developer. In his words he would say, “Shilpa, I think you should be into software development; because you are a software engineer. Testing is not a great career! Coding people get better salary.” I used to end up having arguments with him saying, I know my job and my career. The fact that being a software engineer, I know there are different phases of a software development process and hence there are different teams who together contribute to make ONE software. When I left my first company in India, I used to get a salary of Rs. 23k per month. I used to ask him, “You think the company pays me so much to do nothing or some worthless work?” For a fact I of course know my work, my domain and I am proud to be a Software Tester. It is no less than a developer’s job. As a matter of fact, unless we testers approve the developer’s work, their code, product would never reach the market. We are the ones who certify that their work is eligible to go to the customers in the market! With that view, I could say a piece of code is nothing unless tested and verified to be correct, now doesn’t that make a tester much in control of the process! J
The whole process of software development we know how it goes, every team contributes equally. There is no one higher or lower in the activities. But even today, for some reason ‘Software Development’ is considered as a much high-profiled job. With no knowledge of software processes, even now I get comments from relatives saying why I don’t get into development! No thank you. I have made a decision very smartly based on my interests, personality and ability. I love my job profile of tester and if I have to belong to any IT domain it would always be Software Testing.
Here is an article from Times of India, to all those who think Software testing is a low-profile job! It is NOT! J
Article in TOI - 12th Apr 2011


  1. Did you tell them that at your former job testers and developers have the same salary? :)

  2. The fact is it is true in India, that developers get a btter package than any other domains as in like testers or network admins etc. :( I hope it changes now.

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