Monday, April 18, 2011

A Healthy start

I have been living with my grandma for a while now; the new change of residence based on new job! Grandmas’ are a higher degree of love and care and pamper than mothers. As a matter of fact we have never been pampered by my parents. So my grandma who still calls me ‘putti’ (fondly calling to a little girl); insists me on eating at all times! I am a bit cautious to not put on weight. My logic is to keep a check on the weight before it’s late to start working out. And I am not much of a work-out person either; I never needed to before! The only work out I do is walking about an hour which by the way has obviously stopped due to latest new work routine.
Before, I was used to having cereal in the morning and light lunch & dinner. But ever since I started to live with my gammy, I eat good Indian-oily-heavy breakfast, then the same descriptive lunch, an evening snack which is again some bakery food item and of course a heavy dinner! When I tell her that I am putting on weight, she retorts back, ‘Yes! That is good. You need energy to work’. In my head I am thinking, I go by cab, I take the elevator, I sit at my desk & work & again come back home by cab. Where do I need the energy?
Now after realizing that I can’t go my grandmas’ way I finally told her yesterday that I shall not eat anymore of her breakfast. Instead I have started eating cereal from today. So finally I have successfully stopped a super calorie diet and I plan to reduce it each day. Today I had a good day with light breakfast of cereal, lunch packed by me and a descent dinner; could not resist her much at dinner timeL. After all she’s my gammy! J One day at a time & I shall conquer over my grandma’s over-loving & pampering to grow healthy!

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