Thursday, March 24, 2011

CRICKET first ….always!

My husband called to tell me that he was sorry he can’t come to pick me up at the station. Reason being, today is the quarter final cricket match of India vs Australia, at 2pm. And after 2pm no one will be at work. People are trying to wrap their work fast so they can go home & watch cricket! I totally understand the sentiments of my people and I hope our US/UK/ Australian companies that we serve for, will also understand our helplessness. I am sure most of them might have gone hours early to work today, so they can leave early without any hassles.
It is quite an important match because if India beats Australia today, then India will play next with Pakistan, our favorite rival team J. I know every Indian & Pakistani is waiting for a match between the two. I really hope Australia loses today. It would not be a World cup if India Pakistan didn’t play each other! Eagerly waiting for the heated, high-tension match! Go India!!!

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