Monday, March 21, 2011

Stop telephoning me! – Lady Gaga makes my life so simple!

My “no-cell phone” days are over, SADLY! After I came back from the US 4 months ago, I still hadn’t gotten a SIM card for my phone. Reason being, I have changed from the ‘extra-social’ to ‘quite & keep to myself’ style of living. Yes, US does that to you, at least it did that to me. Not that I want to be locked inside a room with no contact of any kind coz I am hooked on FB! Just that Indian style of calling & checking each day is little too overwhelming! Like one of my aunts calls me once a week and exclaims, “Shilpa!! You didn’t call at all! You forgot us??” @#%@ It’s sooooo annoying to hear these words & not once, but all the time! First of all, I have nothing to talk about, really! I am at home looking for a job, blogging, watching TV. There is nothing extra-ordinarily new about my daily routine. Secondly, I really really don’t think I am so crazy to forget my relatives, my aunt that I spend years of my childhood with, in like a week! I understand this is the style in which people here talk, but it really annoys me. I can’t help that. Let me miss you & then call you. Why don’t you wait for that?
I have come to a realization that cell phones have taken away our private, personal time. We have to be available all the time to EVERYONE. If you don’t pick the phone, you are questioned, “You didn’t attend my call!”. May I was busy, or you know, maybe I didn’t want to pick your call, just like that! Do I have to always be available to talk to you? May be I just want to gaze at the sky or look at the trees or people…or WHATEVER!!! It’s my life!
After much persuasion from my husband & relatives, I now have a cell phone that I am traceable with! L Me not having a cell phone should be more of an inconvenience to me right, but it is the other way round that others could not contact me! My peaceful life had come to an end & now I have to attend everyone. I feel like a celebrity telling each person when I give them my precious number, “DO NOT SHARE it with ANYBODY”. I am thinking of coming up with a plan of saying, I switch off my cell phone after certain hours! How would that work out? Or maybe my ringtone should be Lady Gaga’s Telephone song – STOP TELEPHONING ME! J

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