Saturday, March 26, 2011

Summer Showers

The recent hot weather has been unbearable! Three to four cold water shower or the fan, none of them helped. The nights were a little cooler with cool breeze, but inside the house is has been HOT! Today morning I woke up to a wet foot rug outside the door. I wondered if it had rained, because we heard nothing with our AC and fan on all night. It had rained quite a bit and it was cool morning.
I was convinced when saw that the heap of mud that the ants had dug out were washed away like a tsunami attack. Thanks to the animated movie Ants, I can kind of picture how it must be for the little creatures to be washed away suddenly in the middle of the night. L Kind what happens to us humans too. Nature and its surprises!
It has rained again this evening and it’s all dark & gloomy outside. Reminds me of the typical Seattle weather! The streets are wet and the trees are dripping rain drops, the strong winds are scattering the rain drops everywhere and I am enjoying the cool weather with a hot cup of tea. J

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