Monday, March 7, 2011

Rehman :: Ace of Base: Copy or Inspiration?

Every time I hear the song All she wants - Ace of base, I cannot miss recollecting the song Telephone Dhun me from movie Hindustani!!!
A few years ago, I would have not believed if someone told me AR Rehman copied music from around the world. My brother used to be a hardcore Rehman FAN!!!  He would swear by his music. But it’s too obvious that our Oscar winning music director IMPROVISED the original song. Ace of Base fan eh? No wonder, I love both the songs. Rehman’s version with the Indian instruments & his music style is still catchy and of course suits our taste of Indian music. As a teenager, I remember loving this song only for doll-like costumes of the actress!! J
As I searched more for Rehman, I ran into this blog booing Mr. Rehman. The comments come from extreme Rehman Fans!

 All she wants - Ace of base -

Telephone Dhun - Hindustani  - 


  1. hmmm, maybe Ace of Base copied from Rehman :)

  2. Well I was hopeful of that, but the release date of Ace is 3 years before Rehman!! Bummer!