Saturday, March 19, 2011

Edelweiss – Strudel

Today we went to Edelweiss again to try something new. Last time we had the regular burger. This time we ordered Strudel, Potato wedges, Butterscotch Milk Frappe. The 'Indianized' strudel was offered with traditional Indian cucumber raita (yogurt salad) and cabbage carrot salad. The dish had two strips of strudel. In the menu it said spinach baked snack. On getting the order, I tasted dill and potato too. I loved the taste of dill in the stuffing. It tasted like regular dill curry that we make for roti. And the soft baked potato added good taste. And the combination of raita was just very tasty. I wish we had the American style ovens here and if I were lucky enough to find the pastry dough, I could make these easily at home J

I would have preferred some more raita for the two strips, it wasn’t enough. We liked what we got. I haven’t ever eaten the original strudel but this was a great snack. I want to go there again soon to try their other unique Austrian food on their menu.

Other interesting thing I found was that they had displayed mud jewelry for sale on the notice board. They looked really gorgeous with pretty colors. I did not buy any yet but I would love to buy them. They have a unique ethnic look to them & they would go great with any attire, Indian or western. I got some pictures of them, to give an idea.

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