Friday, March 18, 2011

Music for all

One time when we lived in Spokane, we were driving and listening to music when I turned to my husband and said “Music makes your mind so happy and relaxes your very core. If everyone could enjoy music & relax their minds, we would never have to fight over land & religion & language. Why don’t all the extremists enjoy & get lost into the beautiful world of music?” My loving husband had to say, “Only YOU can come up with such a beautiful thought”, and he has this most happy proud smile on his faceJ. But my question is still valid even today!
I am a very short-tempered person, sadly. But music, of any kind relaxes my mind instantly. Also, I am not like those people who know exactly what kind of music or singer they like. To me, any music that makes my shoulders move, jerk my neck in Jim Carrey’s Body love style and move my crossed feet in the air, is good music. To enjoy my music, I have to sing it, loudly! And language is no barrier either. I can very well sing Konjum Mainakkale –tamil song from Kandukondein Kandukondein, Songs from the telegu hit movie Bommarillu or my recent craze in 2009 of learning the famous Romanian song Ozone-Dragostea Din Tei. So I have a variety of songs I like & listen to from old Indian classic movies to new ones to old English classic songs to hard metal rock music to regular country music. ANYTHING! I remember in my school days, I had said to someone that the lyrics of the songs decide whether I like it or not. So those were the days of Lucky Ali and Strings, which has romantic lyrics touching our teenage hearts. But hey, now I like Lady Gaga’s Just Dance! Or Jamie Foxx’s Blame it on the AH ah ah  alcohol! So I surely know my heart is not a teenager anymore! J
I wonder how many of you notice that each song is related to a place, a situation. Like when we were in the US, for more than a year we had only Jhoom Barabar CD & that’s the only album we listened to. So now if I ever hear any of the songs from that album, I can see Mt. Spokane & my mind sees myself driving through it. Colbie Caillat’s Bubbly songs make me do to the quick-quick-slow steps from the west coast dance lessons that we took. When I listen to Pink’s So what, I am taken to my drive back home from my first Microsoft Interview! And when I hear Bon Jovi’s Welcome To Wherever You Are – I see myself walking to work in my Microsoft office, breathing in the crisp chilly air of Redmond. We all live to be happy & music is the one thing that never fails to deliver to me! I really wish if everyone could enjoy it as much as I do, the world would, no doubt be a much happier place to live.
So next time while travelling, if you see a girl silently mouthing words, with headphones on and rocking her shoulders or head or feet, it could be me! I know I might look silly to you, well, as long as hands free mobile users look silly enough talking away, I don’t mind looking silly because, I am LOVING it! 

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  1. I agree with you, we would live in a more peaceful world if everybody would enjoy music; however as part of the extremists' religion music is a sin so is completely forbiden.