Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gammy and her friends

I woke up early today at 6am and after I finished brushing my teeth, I turned around and saw my grandma walking down (her slow, steady mini steps J) with a plate of fistful of rice grains. I asked her what she was doing. She said “Come here, I’ll show you. There a birds outside waiting for food. I scatter these grains.” I saw up at the roofs of the buildings around and I saw few pigeons eyeing my grandma, the typical way they do with the head tilt & rolling eye-balls J.
She threw the grains on the neighboring roof from her patio. The pigeons still didn’t fly down. My grandma said “Now you should leave them alone. If we stay here they are too scared to come down”. So we came into the house, & guess what the pigeons flew down and I saw 5 of them wobbling around and picking each grain. J
My grandma due to her old age has very limited outings. She barely steps outside the house premises. Taking the stairs is a nightmare for her and for us to see her. She is a very intelligent woman from her times. She ranked first in her 10th grade & was felicitated. She was a teacher by profession and even today I admire her handwriting which is so beautiful. She spends her day with regular house chores and most importantly reading; all kinds of reading like magazines, the news paper. She knows better things going on in the outside world than my grandfather, or even my mother for that matter, who doesn’t get time to read due to her busy work-home schedule.
I thought to myself, my grandma has her own lifestyle and her own friends, the birds and the books. She says that if she gets late someday in the mornings, the pigeons wait for her & make the typical noises from the neighboring roof. How nice to have such regular friends, isn’t it? J She loves to watch the rare white or the white and brown shaded pigeons. Gone are the days when we would see little sparrows nibbling around the house. Due to the recent environmental changes of pollution, noise, trees cut-down and infinite mobile users, they say the sparrows have disappeared from the cities. L

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