Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ran out of Gas!!! Welcome Portable Cooking Stove

My morning today started with the LPG gas cylinder getting exhausted. We still don’t have the 2 cylinder setup where you replace the empty one with a fresh one. So no coffee L. We stepped out for a yummy south Indian breakfast of Masala Dosa, Idli Sambar & 2 steaming cups of coffee! On our way back my husband wanted to buy the portable cooking stove for future occasions too, apart from the current one. We stopped at a regular steel utensil store and the guy had a 5kg cylinder for 900/- ($20). The store keeper did a systematic setup of the whole thing; it was interesting to watch him assemble the parts. Starting with a flame holder & the rim to hold the vessel, screwed the together along with a handle to the rim.

Then he got the cylinder; connected the regulator on the back of the metal rim. Connected the regulator on the cylinder by rotating the metal rim. Then with a very very thin pin like may be 1mm thick wire he made a hole on the top of the metal regulator top to let the gas into the burner (of course the regulator was turned off).Then set back the metal rim with the flame holder on the top.

A perfect check up for no gas leakage! He lit a match stick & held it near the regulator first then moved to the burner, turned on the regulator & then Voilà! We had a nice blue LPG flame. J Back to cooking now, with just one burner though!


  1. Wow pretty cool job he did there, but my question is to you...did u drink real coffee in the morning or indian coffee :D

  2. When in India I drink the fullfiling Indian coffee...Nothing like an Indian FILTER coffee...those who drink it know what I say!

  3. Wow 100% coffee I guess, not bad, not bad at all :D

  4. I invite you to taste the south Indian FILTER coffee and then give me your review of 100% or 50% purity!!
    The filter coffee if you want to know is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indian_filter_coffee

    I hope this video brings a smile to you for now - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-surEvJXj34

    There is too much talent here on the streets! :)

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