Saturday, March 19, 2011

Recent Relishes

Pictures from recent relishes in Bangalore and Mysore.
A comparision of South Indian meal and North Indian meal.

An Andhra meal, with buttermilk (YUMMMM...):

Brown Spider:
Chocolate chips, spanish delight, chocolate ice cream, cornflakes chocos, cashew nuts, caramel nuts, peach melba and Chocolate sauce

Black Forest:
Black current and pineapple ice creams, frest fruits, dry fruits with black current sauce.


  1. WOW they all look delicious, I would get so fat eating them everyday ... :)

  2. True! I would think before that all the nutritious & rich foods in india would be exported and the food that is left for regular Indians is not at all fattening! I have to say, its ways easier to stay lean in the US than in India. I am having the toughest time holding myself from all these foods. And every cuisine in India is rich in their own ways. In the south they use coconut extensively, in the north Milk and milk products like butter are commonly used.
    But you can control your diet and still enjoy these dishes :D