Friday, March 18, 2011

Japan and the world today

It is has been a week now since the whole earthquake & tsunami event rocked Japan & the rest of the world. The day it happened, I had spent my whole afternoon watching live coverage of the tsunami. I was shocked to my very core to watch the whole disaster and even to this date my little intelligence fails to believe it is for real. I cannot imagine the mental situation of the Japanese survivors, who saw the whole event with their eyes, have lost family & friends & their entire life! The day when I saw the live footage video, I was beyond shocked and I discussed with my American friends that this is a huge disaster & that entire Japan was gone; the nuclear reactors are totally going to be devastating. But based on the day 1 news, my friends seems quite relaxed & said it was not that bad..only 30 people died, the reactors are shutdown. At the initial news reports of the Japanese PM saying that the nuclear reactors were fine, seemed very political to me; of course they would say all is fine, to prevent panic! I wasn’t agreeing with them. And today my fear & anticipation is all coming true. Simple fact is that, the video of the huge black tsunami wave washing off the whole land itself was self-explanatory of the future consequence! It seemed very obvious to me that this is not all & the big picture after the tsunami is going to be way too overwhelming & uncontrollable! And that is exactly what is happening now, with the debris, the bad weather, unstoppable reactor explosion, and the entire humanity at the risk of getting affected with nuclear radiations! We can’t underestimate the effects of that huge tsunami that swallowed North Japan! It is definitely sad that all my fears are coming true. I really feel sorry for the Japanese people. Even as they still discuss the lives of the Atomic bomb survivors from WWII, they have another incident of nuclear blasts & radiations! Generations after generations affected with N radiations! L Very Unfortunate!
Such an incident makes us think, why we need these technologies which can wipe out our entire species; not just us but all other living beings! Only now after this incident, all countries are shutting down their reactors to have a thorough check up. Do we need such a devastating wake-up call? We can’t blame Japan for the recent nuclear events that will be directly/indirectly affecting all mankind around the globe; but we can take lessons and may be come on a common ground where all countries can conclude on a nature friendly option and get rid of nuclear reactors; or come up with much safer designs.
In the end, I salute the some-180 workers at the reactors who are putting their lives at risk to fix the reactors. To me its ultimate sacrifice they are giving to their country, which will benefit Japan & all other countries in a huge way. I sincerely pray & wish that their efforts are successful in ending the nuclear events that is almost holding Japan as hostage! Good luck Japan J

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