Friday, March 11, 2011

Japan Earthquake - Prayers for all!

Around 12.45pm, I just logged off my Yahoo mail & came to the yahoo page, which displayed the breaking news of the 8.9 magnitude earthquake in Japan. I instantly changed my channel from watching TROY to CNN news. I have no words to explain, how surprised & horrified I was to see the live footage on CNN. The video displayed water from the ocean gushing into the main land. It is so unrealistic; it looked just like in the 2012 movie or any animated movie for that matter. For a moment I thought, maybe, it is an animated version of the whole event, but then I saw a helicopter flying in the video & I was left with my jaw open!!! I can’t. I just can’t believe it, that amount of water coming in?? There were cars & vans driving on the roads, with the huge gigantic wave flowing over them…and in a flash of second the vehicles were GONE! Just like toys!!

And now they have exact times for all the neighboring countries that will be hit by the obvious Tsunami waves. They have warnings for most of the Pacific islands & countries until the Hawaii Islands of the USA.
What is so surprising is that we have such advanced technologies & Japan they say, is used to earthquakes all the time; then how come the earthquake department could not predict something this huge??? It is inexcusable! And I feel sorry for the people, the infinite property lost, the whole country that has raised itself so magnificently, post the Atom bomb WWII event, all that is gone in just minutes!  Sad, very very sad!
But, there is a good hope for all the other countries that are in line to take the Tsunami wave attack now. And in all this event, what I really observe & compliment is the helping hand of the US. America is always the first country, who stands up to help any country in trouble, and they react instantly. It is just amazing!
I cannot imagine how huge the losses are going to be once the whole thing settles down. I sincerely pray for the safely of all people living in Japan right now. By the way, CNN rocks at their news reporting! Taiwan is about to get their Tsunami wave in like 30mins now! Cannot get off CNN!!!
(This makes me believe the whole Mayan 2012 possibility, as in the possibility of huge devastating waves & such things, not the date of 2012!)

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