Friday, March 18, 2011

Demon Heads

Whoops! Did that scare you? Did not mean to scare humans J
The old housing style in Karnataka used to be individual houses. And each house would have one such scary demon head on the top of the house, hanging from the terrace, or mounted in the corner of the terrace! The idea is to ward off any evil or misfortune from befalling the house. This is unique in south India only, coz I have never seen any in my life in Pune.
As a kid I used to prominently notice these different demon heads on each house, different faces and sizes and colors. I suddenly thought of them now, because it is out of practice now. And how did I realize this? Well, driving through the hi-tech city of Bangalore, seeing those tall 10-15 storey buildings, there is no way these heads can be hung on the 16th floor of the terrace. HA HA!! And this is how the old traditions disappear silently into new times of technology & luxury. Of course even I wouldn’t hang such a scary head on my own establishment. But it was fun for me as a child to check out each house!

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