Friday, March 18, 2011

PDA – Good or Bad?

I watched an episode of Jerry Springer’s show called Baggage. In this show I learnt a new acronym PDA – Public display of affectionJ; one of the contestants had said he doesn’t like PDA and I thought well yes, not everyone would like to have a palmtop …PDA device. Moreover PDA’s seem quite outdated now with compact devices like iPhone & blackberry..etc. Silly me!
Being an American the guy did not like PDA! Let me mention, my husband doesn’t like PDA either. So much that he will not hold my hand in public. Just recently, I was arguing with him on the street, as to why are you so uncomfortable holding MY hand? Are you ashamed of your WIFE? His answers are always that, my love & affection is not a show for the society.
I beg to differ. First of all, I belong to the older generation, where having a boyfriend was unacceptable. I never had any affairs, never had a guy to hold hands with. Now I am legally married respecting all elders’ interests and even now if I am not allowed to hold hands with my husband, really!! I don’t know what to say. I am not asking something totally over the top, just holding hands. Is that so much of a big deal, for your loved ones, for the society to handle or watch? Why should we be shy of anybody? I am not asking him to act like Imraan Hashmi! I know for sure I don’t want that! J
I know the Indian police officers are repulsed by couples, married, single, basically any couple! What! Are they jealous that we found someone? Even married couples are not spared by their harassment for PDA! And should we be scared of them? We have one life & generally one wife J why shy away? Life is too short, better show our affection now before it too late!


  1. The police officers? Wow really, that is weird dude....

  2. As in, the general constables on streets or parks!

  3. They dislike PDAs wow, isn't your country defined by arranged marriages....whats their problem...

  4. PDA destorys the society, with respect to obscenity. Remember, our culture is very conservative about PDA's! :)
    That is why westernization is not supported by extremists here.
    And today's younger generation is difficult to recognize if they are married. Most of the times, I get a feeling that people must think my husband is driving around a girlfriend, i.e. me, and I am his legal wife!
    But it's fun to play with their suspicious minds..heheh

  5. LOL...and whats next ... burka :D

  6. Lets not open a can of worms! :D