Tuesday, March 8, 2011

International Women's day

When I opened the Google page today, I got to know its International Women's Day!!! I wanted to look through their official website. The first thing that was striking to me was the country wise events. As you see the snapshot below, UK & Canada top the number events. I had learnt from a Canadian friend that Canada has too many feminist women, to the extent that men & women hate each other! And in comparison to these countries, India is way behind in numbers. It makes sense with the conservative culture we have in India, most women won’t even know of any such women's day. Even I got to know of it only because of the internet!

I hope this day is used to discuss & implement new ways to help women in real need. We women should ourselves try to help each other. If every woman thought of her daughter in-law as her own daughter, that would solve 50% of the problems. I believe women today in India are much happier & content compared to those two decades ago. Even men from our generation are broad-minded & understanding. As the number of girls in schools increase, boys get to interact & see how their girl-classmates are and that I believe helps them understand their wives in future. Or even having a sister, helps them understand women better. I have been lucky to have a very very understanding husband, who has let me achieve things I have wished for. I see my brother who is equally supportive husband. Based on Indian problems, I would first hope they come up with a strong punishment for rape, which is on the increase these days.
Happy Women's day everyone J


  1. Happy International Women Day to you Shilpa!

  2. Thank you Anonymous! Wish you the same!