Thursday, May 12, 2011

Animal tricks …animal cruelty

Last year I had seen a news article about elephants walking on ropes in Thailand. The mere image of the elephant on ropes was painful for me. It was difficult for me to imagine, how such a large animal with that weight and size can stand on a rope? It is difficult for humans too. How often have we seen FAT people walk on the tight rope?
That news had totally made me sad and to know that people come to watch it; why? Why do we want to see animals to do tricks that cause them physical stress and pain; tricks that they are forcibly trained to do with fear and pain? Do I want to watch an elephant do such tricks – NO! NEVER! Any living being could do deadly tricks, if forced to do so. What is so fascinating about watching another living being’s torture?
Today I read the news and saw the video about the training of the elephants in the new Hollywood movie Water for Elephants; it features top Hollywood actors Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson. As they mentioned in the news, the video is graphic to see little baby elephants beaten on the head and poked in the mouth while training; big grown up elephants standing on their forefeet and doing a upside down trick while they are tasered; sitting on a big chair like humans  etc. All these trainings are done with beating them, poking them and worst – giving electric shocks of high voltage of 1 million volts! Can you imagine?
Do we really want to see these tricks? For an entertainment of 5-10 minutes, these animals are tortured since they are babies. I don’t even consider it as ‘entertainment’. The training authorities say that this is the only way to train these giants, then I think people should stop asking for such entertainment. Boycott this kind of shows. If the elephant owners are out of business due ban on logging, then leave the elephants in the wild and get a decent job to earn your bread. Or the govt. should look into employment matters, than torturing these speechless animals.
By the way, do these heartless trainers know that elephants have a good memoryJ? One of the elephants beating the hell out of the trainers – now that would be a fun show isn’t it? Its pure animal cruelty and such shows should be banned all over the world.
 Note: The video clip in the news shows the graphic torture than the youtube video above.

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