Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bulbul in my gallery

I went to my Mysore home after a week and found a new guest in our gallery. Well, not yet moved in though! We have strings in the gallery to hang the clothes to dry. A pretty red-whiskered Bulbul has started to build its nest at the criss-cross junction of the strings. During the day the house is empty and it has finished almost 50% of the constructionJ. I got closer to look at it and it really amazes me how intelligent these little creatures are. It is using small twigs along with cotton like material to hold the twigs together. And the twigs are so nicely placed to form a round shape. Looking at the close-up picture of the nest, it’s obvious it is real hard work from the little bird.
On Sunday morning, the bird probably wasn’t aware that we humans live there, was busy with placing twigs into the nest. I sat by the door to get a picture of it when it realized of the giant that I am (to it, I am animal loving person, so don’t get me wrong!). It was startled at first and flew out instantly. But on its second trip it stayed on the string for a second…went ahead to sit in its next and check may be how many more twigs I need to finish this for the Misses and flew out again. That’s when I decided to leave it alone with its job. And I got my pictures of it too.  
Gotta fix that holw mister!
There is still a big hole in the center to be covered up before the Misses sees itJ. I am sure by the end of this week its home will be ready to move in J

Humans or birds, we are all striving to get our own homes ready to live in. I bet it’s much easier for this little birdie to make its home than us to pay tons of money for land and homes to build on them. I am soon going to leave that house, so I really hope that the new owners will let the bulbul have a peaceful time in the gallery. For now, I feel so lucky to have a birdie in my gallery, but I won’t be there to see it’s babies!

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