Thursday, May 26, 2011

Jai Ho

Well, I am super excited for this coming weekend. It is my wedding anniversary and more importantly we are going to the AR Rahman Concert here in Bangalore - 29th May 2011. It is my first time to his concert albeit I have watched his concert videos. I am already getting goose bumps thinking of what a thrilling event it will be. Growing up, my brother used to be ardent fan of AR Rahman; so much that he would order and buy Rahman’s Tamil original cassettes; original as in, his music is used in Hindi movies too..generally remake movies. But not all movies get to be remade in Hindi. Of the top my head, I can think of ‘Kandukondein Kandukondein’ movie of which I know only the original Tamil songs, they never got used in Hindi songs.
Frankly Rahman’s music is not bound by language, so any Indian can enjoy his Hindi, Tamil music. So I really hope he plays his old hit songs like chikubuku chikubuku, Urvashi, Konjum mainnakkle etc in the original Tamil version. I am really really so excited. Imagine listening to Jiya se Jiya & Ek mohabbat live! Oh! And I forgot I will get to see Sivamani too! WOOHOO! It’s my only second concert in life. The first I remember I went to was Strings! They rocked too! Big time!
The only spoiler I am afraid of is the Bangalore rains, which have become a routine every evening nowL. Oh God! How I wish it doesn’t rain at all!!! I wish the rains sit back and enjoy some soulful Rahman music! And I wish he’d play ALL his songs!!!! OMG moment! Time for Indian-western fusion! Cheers to Rahmania!!!! YAAAAAY!
It’s going to be stellar night and an anniversary to remember!
Enjoy his hypnotizing music!

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  1. Hope you had a great time at AR Rahman Concert - Wish you a very Happy Wedding Anniversary - Tejas and Team NGP! :-)