Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Child's Imagination

Early in the morning I was busy watching the Osama news updates, when my neighbor’s kid (about 4 years) walked in and instantly hopped onto the sofa. He had a writing pad filled with papers of his drawings and coloring. He settled instantly and asked for my grandma, saying he was here to show his art work. While my grandma was yet to come, I took chance to look through his work. He took pleasure in telling me each drawing, what it was. As much as funny it was to watch his colors it was just amazing piece of a child’s mind and imagination. The colors go as per favorite choice, so what if you have a blue horse (more like a Disney pony) or an orange tortoise or an orange pigeon which he claims to be an eagle! His art work was just beautiful and brought so much joy and laughter to me. Here are some of his colored art - A colorful display of his innocence & beautiful imagination.

The Orange "Eagle"

The Happy Kites :)

The Shark which almost looks like its going to fly! :P

The Pretty Giraffe

A mouth-watering Mango and a HUT


  1. These are really cool drawings! You should have also taken a snap of the little artist and uploaded it as well!

  2. I know, I wanted to take a picture of him, he is really really cute. But I'll check with his parents if its ok & surely upload his picture.

  3. Fair enough. This was one of the reason I thought that you might have not uploaded the snap of the artist.