Monday, May 16, 2011

Eating Outside

Last night we went to Mc Donald’s to try their new item on Menu the spicy paneer & spicy chicken (my husband’s order) Burgers. Few points I noted about eating outside in India and in the US. Eating out in India is a very cool thing, more like a display of money, while in the US is quite rare. As most of the snack places are considered for ‘to-go’. Pizzas, burritos, sandwiches etc are always a to-go. I remember how we used to be the only couple ordering pizzas at Pizza Hut in Spokane. The whole place would be left to us J. Moreover, one of my husband’s friend once said, why would you eat pizza at the store? You take it home. To us it was like, NO! what is the point of eating outside food, if you are going to bring it home & eat ..ha ha! We like to go by the literal meaning, we literally want to eat outside when we eat outside!
More learning of eating at Indian Mc D! So the place was super crowded! Considering the business they make and the international brand that they are, you would assume they accept cards; well they don’t! So you step out if you don’t have enough cash and come back to join the ever-existing crowd in the store. Needless to say, the seats are all taken. So as we enter the place, we split to one placing the order and the other hunting for a place to sit. I luckily found a place instantly. The serving of order is instant, as they have the pre-packed common orders. As we sat and enjoyed our food, I realized this place is no ‘relax and enjoy your meal’ kind of place. I mean you can’t continue to sit and enjoy a pleasant chat, because you have to release the table. Hello! There are people waiting to sit and eat! J So in other words it’s not like a hang out place. Sorry teenagers!
Another thing I noticed was like in the US, its self service about putting your empty plates and clearing the table, throwing away your garbage. Here at Mc D, they insist that you leave it & they will pick the plates for you. We found it a bit weird and we took care of our garbage and left quickly. So the quick meal at Mc D really was quick from going out to get cash-ordering-eating-leaving, the whole act took less than 20 mins!!! Fast Food in Fast crowded India.
Oh also, it’s weird and yet nice to see older generations like grandparents enjoying these new-to-them fast foods with their grand kids at Mc D! Reducing the generation gap! Btw, the Spicy Paneer is pretty good! J

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  1. there is something about Mc D that also gets in the older generation... maybe the setup is comfortable in there... unlike the other fast food joints we have around... also I assume its more of the grandkids pulling them along :-)

    as for cleaning the plates... earlier we used to do that in Mc D... since around 2-3 years they have started asking patrons to leave the plates...

    plus where else in the world does Mc D do a home delivery :-)
    yes... love thy India :-)