Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Luck by birth

When I read the news around the world, there is so much hatred. Everywhere there are conflicts going on, people killing their own people, murders, blasts, riots, political unrest. In all these, there are so many innocent lives that are hurt and more often lost. Innocent lives such as children of all ages who don’t even know why they are hurt or why were they orphaned, women and men who are not directly involved in any of these conflicts. But they are a part of it because they belong to those unfortunate nations, lands who have fought for ages based on boundaries, religion, language, color etc.
I stop to think how fortunate a person has to be, to be born in a peaceful country and surrounding; of course peaceful is too much to ask now-a-days. But really, a child has no choice where it should be born right? Where, what family, what religion, what color? These will come naturally and yet with no reason these children will be subject to fights and terror around them. This is so depressing! Like if I had to imagine to be born in countries like Israel, Afghanistan, any African country where people face death each day, I would wish I was not born in such place ever again right?
So it makes me think to feel so lucky to be born in India, or maybe the Americans or Brits who have a much safer life compared to the Middle East countries. There are conflicts even in India, but not to the extent that I see in the news every day. There is some indescribable logic to be born in the right place, right time and right family! Not so much of a right..but approximately better possibility!  There is really NO FREE place in this world with no conditions of any kind whatsoever. But that would be an awesome world, where no one rules on anyone, everyone is free to do as they wish (assuming they don’t cause harm to anyone of course)…the real meaning of living a peaceful life is so hypothetical!
A thought comes by my mind wishing we had some device, some gas or some method to suddenly erase all the past memory of the people in this world. Like they have those flash devices in the movie- Men in Black, to erase the recent memory! That would be something to erase all the bad memories of fights and conflicts that pass on generation to generation and we wake up knowing no such bad past and become friends with everyone. India and Pakistan would never remember of any conflict and we would be peaceful neighbors as we should have been or maybe ONE country as in the past! The right to live and to live a peaceful life is too much to ask for now!


  1. there is this wonderful saying... Give peace a chance.. a song by the Beatles... if people just follow it, I assume the world will be a far better place to live in :-)

  2. Seriously! It makes no sense, everyone is so heated up all the time. They don't realise that we'll live for about 70-90 years and then we are gone, FOREVER!!! Fight for what? Nobody is going to remember. Remember and do what? Our freedom fighters who died for the country...and we are in one of the worst conditions now. Did it matter at all? NOPE! And still we all go on..marking our territories!
    You know, just listening to music would help so much!