Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Craze of ringtones

India is a huge consumer of mobiles. The craze of mobiles is very obvious when you walk on the streets. Personally, I find it weird and beyond understanding that how come everyone is always on the mobile phone talking for hours at a stretch. So much that even while walking on streets, Bangalore girls don’t keep a watch on the traffic coming onto them. It is your responsibility not to knock down a person talking on mobile who is ignoring the busy traffic.
And now when I work in an office that I full of multi-lingual people; when the mobiles ring breaking the silence of the AC floors, its loud and annoying. Because somewhere, some song of an unknown language rings loudly! Some of the songs even sound very sadistic to me, like someone died; they might be some emotional, romantic, sad song – but to be me it sounds like the sad instrumental you would hear in bollywood movies when the hero’s mother dies!
Moreover it is a combination of language, genre, volume! People stay updated with new mobile models along with mobile ringtones too. Even before bollywood movies release, the latest songs are ringtones! So the variety of ringtones I hear are from sadistic un-comprehendible south Indian ringtones to old instrumental like neele neele ambar par (totally ruining the charm of the original song) to occasional pleasant green day – Broken boulevard of dreams to newest Dum maro dum ringtones. Some are even more extreme with arti’s or Indian prayer songs playing as ringtones, come on people! For a person like me who is too bothered to even carry a mobile, ringtones is not even a topic to think of. I actually wonder if people change their ringtones so many times, how do they remember & get used to the latest one. I would not recognize that it is my phone ringing!
Frankly, I still can’t cross the decency to keep my phone on ring mode. I still prefer it to be kept on silent mode, while at work. Of course there will be the debate that you can’t find it if you forgot it somewhere in silent mode, well then why not be a bit more disciplined & responsible to not lose it in the first place!


  1. I also don't understand this craze... atleast spare me in the office... its ok in the streets to an extent

  2. Oh dear! In the streets it's another annoying fad! Youngsters playing music of "their taste" loudly on the speaker. Or even worse random oldies playing random devotional song. There is no time and place logic for them! It happens on streets, buses, trains. There is no concept of keeping to yourself! The Walkman days were the best I say! No headphone, then no music please!