Monday, May 9, 2011

The charm of Mehendi

My Artist at work

Mehendi is a very old tradition of decorating palms and legs. We all (girls) love to do that. When you walk on the commercial street - Devraj Urs Road in Mysore, you will see couple of men, sitting on the footpath with stools, mehendi cones and a big album of designs. I have always wanted to stop by one of those guys and get a quick mehendi on my hands. This weekend I finally fulfilled my desireJ.
Palm side

This time went I walked past them I spontaneously decided that I wanted one. They charge 50/- ($1) for each hand, front and back. It was too early for me to get it done as I had some other shopping to do. So I came after an hour and his spot had 4 women in line & 4 artists drawing. Pretty busy time! They instantly found another artist for me & I was sitting down on the stool to get my hand decorated J

It took him 15 minutes to finish my hand front & back. The front hand is completed decorated as against the back which was drawn only diagonally. Good enough!
Back side

They draw different kinds of mehendi like Rajasthani, Marwadi, Arabic  etc. I had never got Arabic one so I enquired and learnt that the Arabaic mehendi which had silver gold glitters in it, last only for couple of hours. So you get them for an instant evening function. It’s a great business for them, especially in the current marriage season, where they get contracts of the brides & groom’s families. Wedding mehendi’s cost way more than my 50/- quick mehendi on the street. J But it is good enough to feel the joy of the Henna color on the hands and without any effort. Because, they prepare their mehendi with all the ingredients to get out the dark color from the mehendi. And the beautiful aroma of the mehendi almost makes you feel high!

Next Morning - Front

And Back

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