Friday, May 20, 2011

Indian Youth and Corruption

Based on the comments I received for the post of Nitin Gupta on Rahul Gandhi, I have a few points to mention. Most people are surprised, disappointed, angry and frustrated on reading the post including me; we all are sick of the corruption that this country is drowning in. People are full of lies, greed, ego; I may say we display all the 7 sins. I will explain how more.
Couple of weeks ago, while watching the news on TV I was shocked to the news report saying 53% of Indian youth are open to BRIBE for reaching their goals.
REALLY?? What is wrong with the Indian youth? I thought we, the new generation, don’t agree with the old generation of our existing politicians; their ways of running the govt. their logic, their schemes everything! That’s why the whole Youth in to Politics thing had caught up so much speed right? No wonder we have such enormous scams in our country, because one small bribe after another, mounts to millions of DOLLARS worth bribe! What happened to the values we were taught in our childhood? Values of truth, honesty, humble, no-greed, compassion??? Or the new generation is not taught this at all.
Frankly speaking from routine experience, nobody wants to serve you for the price you pay. Example, if I pay for food worth 40/-, the quality, quantity and service I get is not even worth 10/-. And the servers think its right and fine. The most annoying routine experience I have is of auto rickshaws. NOBODY uses the METER! What is that all about? Every auto wala “demands” the amount for the destination and you HAVE TO pay it. What is the meter for then? I find nobody honest in their duties; everyone has excuses, pass-on, blaming strategies to avoid work. What happened to the concept of RESPONSIBILTY?
What is the point of the Lokpal Bill passing if the youth wants to bribe and get their jobs done? It’s a waste of time of Mr. Hazare! Does the youth have answers to why they want to pay bribe? Because we pay, they take & the cycle goes on! 2G scams, commonwealth..all these are just peanuts because there are more to come for sure, this vicious cycles has gained so much momentum, and now the youth also wants to join it.
In recent times, I have concluded that India is NOT a poor country. Not at all! There is infinite money in this country; look at bollywood, politicians, IPL games, the institutions of baba’s like Puttaparthi, ramdev, etc and many more! Even the poor have enough money to live. This is say based on the slums I had close to my Pune house; where the slum residents had two-wheelers, dish TV, fridge, everything, that I still consider luxuries I will take when I need them than just piling them up in my house to display to the world!
We probably have made up all the money that even the Brits and Moghuls took from us, from all the bribes we take at every opportunity! Isn’t anybody embarrassed from scams like Commonwealth? They put the whole country to shame internationally! I sometimes wonder how other countries like US, China look at India or think of Indians. Of course, their countries also have a scandal, a scam once in a while, but we beat everyone, right? I believe we are a great country, with great culture, people, traditions and knowledge to offer to the whole world. I have seen how people in the US are drawn to Indian people and the culture; if only we had a clean honest govt. and people too! There is so much to improve in our country; just the change of mentality itself would bring a lot of change.
I try to fight my way through each day with manipulated people and services than just complain. But the fact is everyone has really become comfortable with the bribe situation which gets every task done. It’s really sad! L
Btw, I proudly don’t belong to the youth the news talks about, because I am NOT paying any bribe in my life! That is one thing I am sure of!!!


  1. proud of you :-)

    well we come from different backgrounds than the youth who are compared in the survey... thats what I think...

    there are quotes... like father, like son ---- like mother, like daughter... the role models are wrong :-)

  2. I appreciate your relying on one survey. Is the survey relaibale or it is a part of a political strategy to create discussions in view of current corrupt political climate?
    Is the survey itself corrupted? It might be worth checking on.